Transformers Tech Spec Lists

Long, long ago, in the early days of the World Wide Web, when the best web browser was Netscape v1.2, there was one place to go when you wanted to look up a particular Transformer's tech specs. That place was Hex's Official Unofficial Transformers Tech Spec Listings. In the years since many other tech spec resources have popped up, but all of them lack one feature that Hex's lists still have: simplicity. With a plaintext list you can easily do searches, read many specs at a time, etc.. The only way to improve would be a lightweight database driven interface where you could do more complex searches. (Something which you can find in great form in's "Vector Sigma Database" area: tech specs database.) But, even then, there are portability advantages for plaintext.

Hex stopped working on his lists in early 2001, and then in late 2003 his website disappeared. So, I'm now hosting his lists here, and I plan to take up their maintenance as well as writing new lists for the newer TF lines. Below are the lists, sorted chronologically by generation. The last revision date of each list is marked in brackets.

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