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Greetings! This site has four main features, and a bunch of secondary ones, so make sure to scroll the whole way down if you can't find what you're looking for.


Steve-o's Transformers FAQ -
A work in progress, this TF FAQ has been my main fan project since 1995. After a long hiatus I am finally working on updates, which will go up one section at a time as I get them written. You can still read the old FAQ if you wish -- it's severely out of date in many places, but it's at least complete. You can view the old FAQ in plain text or in a nice HTML version offsite that was prepared by George Hong.

Transformers Book Scans -
Hosting scans of many old, weird coloring books and story books, and offering links to a few more sites with more of the same. Mostly G1 material.

Kitbash Clearing House -
I know nothing about doing toy modifications, but a lot of other fans do. This page is my little attempt to help give recognition to the great artisans out there by collecting links to lots of pages with kitbash photos and techniques.

Steve-o's Essential TF Links -
Hey, we've all got our favorites. I try to keep this list lean and mean, linking to the most "important" pages so you can find you're looking for fast. Newbies in particular might find these links helpful.

Other Stuff / Secondary Features


More FAQs -
FAQs for the Transformers newsgroups and for specialized topics like Robots In Disguise, Micromasters, and so on. Most of these are not written by me -- I'm just hosting them all in one place.

Playing Nice -
How to be a force for good in Transformers fandom (or any fandom) instead of being a whiny asshole. Can't we all just get along?

Tech Spec Listings -
Originally a fan project by Dave "Hex" Tashjian, I have decided to host these plain-text lists of tech specs. I hope to start updating as well, to make lists for the newer lines.

TF Weekday Archive -
In the mid-90's, a fan named Kendrick (KKC) posted a series of popular episode reviews to With his blessing, I have archived those old reviews here.


Transformers Fonts -
There a lot of Transformers related fonts, but no single page that I have found has them all. So, I've put them all here. It's your one-page stop for all TF font needs.

TF Soundbytes -
A very small collection for now, but there's some music and some snippets of dialogue.

Small sub-pages

My Childhood Fan-Art -
I used to draw a lot when I was a little boy. Scans of some of my more amusing projects can be found here.

Cybertron's Size -
An analysis of "The Ultimate Doom" in the (failed) hope of figuring out how big Cybertron is supposed to be.

Early Mini-Con Insignia Designs -
During the Hasbro panel at BotCon 2002, early design ideas for the Mini-Con faction insignia were shown. This page has my notes and reconstructions of them.


Random Tidbits -
Various text and images that don't fit elsewhere. Includes all my old convention reports, some reference files and lists, an old script from TF:TM, and the creation messages / charters for the TF newsgroups.

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