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Note that I haven't updated the "meat" of this website in a very long time. It is probably unrealistic of me to think that I ever will get around to posting submitted stories, especially since I have received so many of them, but I feel like I should leave this invitation open anyway. If you want to send me your stories, please do. Just know that they will probably never actually be posted. --Steve-o, March 2008.

Since you bothered to visit this website and read any of it, you've probably experienced some of the things described here. It may be theraputic or simply fun for you to share some of your own bitterness memories. Plus, if there's more crap here, there's more of a chance the site will be useful to future visitors, and that's a good thing, too.

I must give one warning, though: I go through long periods of not writing much email, or of responding to certain emails and not others with no real pattern. There are messages I've received about this site months, or even years ago, that I never got around to responding to, and probably never will. This is one of my faults as a person: even with the best of intentions, I often just can't follow through on things. Keeping up with the volume of email I get about this site is one of those things. (It's about five messages a week, on average, but a proper response can take as much as an hour to write, and I already have trouble keeping up with the rest of my I'll read what you send, and enjoy it, and will quite likely add it to the repository of other stories if you want me to, but I can't promise a real reply. Please do not rely upon my response for your peace of mind. I can't promise that.

Just to be extra safe, I've established some rules and such for any submissions you might like to send along:

You can send me material directly through email -- my address is at the bottom of every page. I may set up a form of some sort to do this later, for now email's good enough.

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