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This is the repository for story submissions I have received since opening this site. I like to think that I will someday post nearly all of the submissions, but that is probably not realistic. I've received hundreds and hundreds of them in just a few years, more than I can keep up with and more than I can imagine anybody sitting down to read through. So, don't count on more ever appearing here, although they might. In any case, I think the stories are valuable as emotional 'objects' of sorts that represent a real person's unhappiness.

In this master list I include the author's credited name, a description of the story, and the date the story first appeared on my site (not the date that it was sent to me).

Lastly, note that the "last modified" date at the bottom of this very page might not mean what you think it does. This page is written as a PHP script that automatically finds all the submitted stories and lists them. The date at the bottom is the last time I modified the main script for this page (as opposed to the header, the navbox, or the footer itself, all of which are seperate scripts). I add stories to the list without actually changing the PHP script for this page. So to know whether stories have been added, look at the date column in the table, not the page modification.

Date Added The tale of... Gory Details
2005-05-23 Cha In this dramatic story, the Adorer and the Adored in a friendship eventually traded roles.
2005-03-27 Mez A vividly written account of the highs and lows that come with an Adored One's graces.
2005-03-27 Mandy Obsessed with a man at the office who has a live-in girlfriend. Oh, the joy of receiving meaningless emails from the AO!
2005-03-27 Bill Bill's story involves a "THE LETTER", and he seems to be pretty self-aware about what he's doing to himself.
2005-03-27 M. Most of the stories here involve falling for somebody who doesn't fall back. In this one, though, M. still has feelings for her ex, who cheated and dumped her.
2003-08-31 Yet Another J All the elements rolled into one story. This one's really good (by which I mean horrible). PLUS: an update, two years later!
2003-08-23 Dar A happy ending! It may seem all gloom and doom right now, but all you have to do is, uh... wait a couple decades... but then, you're gold!
2003-08-22 Jessica A young teenage girl, whose adored guy can't seem to make up his mind.
2003-07-30 J in MD An Adored One who is taking advantage of his adorer.
2003-07-28 S "I realize that for most people, the thought of any kind of sexual relationship with the AO is bliss. But hearing that sex with you was just sex, and sex with her is 'making love', is pretty much guaranteed to twist the knife deeply."
2003-07-24 Jenny An Adored One who tries to be supportive, but doesn't always get it right.
2003-07-06 James The first submitted story. James is gay. His AO is not.

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