Possible reactions

Life is about change. As much as you'd like to maintain a veil of secrecy around your heart, it often becomes impossibly difficult. One way or another, your Adored One may eventually become privy to your torment. This is the crucial point in the story, the moment that your entire life has been building up to. What will happen next?

There are three broad categories into which nearly all reactions can be be pigeonholed: A) No changes. B) Adored One withdraws. C) Adored One is supportive, but does not share your feelings. Let's take a slightly closer look at these possibilities:

No change. Basically, this means that after finding out you are in love with them, your Adored One does not behave any differently. Depending on why, exactly, this might be good or bad.

Withdrawl. Probably the most common reaction, unfortunately. Upon learning that you are interested in them -- whether by admission, rumor, or their own perceptiveness -- they begin giving you the cold shoulder. It could be subtle or completely in-your-face. What leads them to behave thusly? Some possibilities:

Support. Short of having your Adored One admit that they share your feelings, this is about the best things can get. Making it clear that they do not want a relationship, they may nonetheless offer genuine and open sympathy for your heartache.

If you don't know what's going on, and would like to, my best advice is to ask. If the Adored One doesn't like discussing it, you may be out of luck, but often the easiest way to figure out what somebody is thinking is to have them tell you.

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