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If you've had all you can take of this site, you might want to try out a few others. Here's a small collection of links to other depressing web pages. If you can point me to a another good site, please do! This is a pathetically short list so far.

I Just Want To Be Friends: Also known as "Joelogon's Foolproof Guide to Making Any Woman Your Platonic Friend". Definitely my primary inspiration for this site. As the name indicates, it's absolutely excrutiating. I dream of one day having a site this good.

Limerence: This is a relatively new word, coined in the 1970s, which refers specifically to the sort of overwhelming, passionate love that most of this site's visitors are feeling. It is not something that everybody experiences, and it is not neccessarily unrequited -- two people in a relationship can be limerent for each other. However, the soul-rending loneliness that characterizes much of the writing on this site is well-matched by descriptions of limerence. Here are a few links on the topic that you may find helpful:

Love and Relationships: Love as seen through the lens of social psychology! Interesting info about types and components of love. (Archive.)

The science of love - I get a kick out of you: An article from interntional news magazine, The Economist, dealing with biological studies of pair bonding and other forms of attachment in humans and rodents. Beginnings of explanations for some of the strange behaviors we have when in love are evident. I highly recommend this link, especially for my visitors who are feeling unfaithful to their current significant other because of feelings for somebody else. Some of the things you are feeling (and feeling guilty about) may be much more common, and explainable, than you think.

Champions of the Lost Cause: An article from the March/April 2007 Psychology Today by Kathleen McGowan. This article discusses five cases of people fighting for a lost cause, and one of those stories is about me and this website! It has some content similar to the Economist article about brain chemistry, additiction, etc..

RecoverYourLife - The Self-Harm Support Community: A gathering place and information hub where people who hurt themselves can find support. This site used to be called "RuinYourLife". I like the symbolic optimism in the name change.

No Stigmas: A charity with the goal of removing the social stigma around mental illness. They offer a lot of resources and a peer support network for those who can't afford the financial strain of seeking professional help.

Depression Support Groups: This is's list of support groups for people dealing with depression. If you think you may be clinically depressed, but are afraid to see a counselor, I strongly recommend browsing through these sites as a first step.

Agony and Rapture in German: Patrick Woitala was kind enough to translate most of the content of this site into German to widen its availability. Thanks, Patrick!

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