Agony and Rapture

Welcome to "Unrequited Love: Agony and Rapture", your guide to suffering through an intense unrequited crush, whether it is still a secret from your Adored One, or already revealed. This largely-sarcastic catharsis was inspired by my own many wanderings through the halls of misery (the 2001 installment in particular) and by "I Just Want To Be Friends", Joe "Logon" Loong's classic WWW tribute to supposedly-platonic friendships.

I created this site mostly for myself, as a way of taking command of my emotions again after being sent through the wringer, but I have three objectives as far as what I hope the site can do for other netizens:

First, "Agony and Rapture" is supposed to be funny. Those suffering through crushes are often in desperate need of a good chuckle. Laughing at oneself is healthy, and poking fun at this subject can give we who suffer some perspective on what we're doing to ourselves and, sometimes, to the ones we care about. Second, this site is a giant, rancid heap of pain and empathy. Everyone goes through this from time to time. By reading the anecdotes and tips here you can at once wallow in your own misery and also be comforted by a sense of communal misery. And third, I want to give the Adored Ones a window into the hearts of those that care about them. Communication and understanding form a positive-feedback loop, but it can be very difficult to get the ball rolling. Hopefully this site can teach people how to deal with being fancied in a productive way.

Although I want the site to be entertaining, I've written very little which I do not actually mean. Some sections are almost entirely sarcastic while still being in many ways true, actual advice. Other sections are low on jokes and are offered in hopes of actually helping readers find perspective. And some of my comments are complete nonsense. It all comes and goes depending on my feelings on the sub-topic and my level of inspiration. I don't delineate the site with <facetious> tags, so you'll have to trust your own instincts on what my goal is with any given statement.

With that all said, here's a look at what the site has to offer. Each section contains a collection of short items, humerous and otherwise, that have been written by me, the webmaster, or submitted by friends or random visitors to the site. Eventually, I'd like to include anecdotes from both sides of the issue (that is, the adored and the adorers) in order to make the site more useful.

If you prefer, you can read this site in German thanks to Patrick Woitala.

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