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The FAQs at my site fall into a couple natural groups. First, there's the plain old Transformers FAQ which is my main focus. The last complete version is very out of date -- I completed it in January of 1999 -- but I am posting new sections of an update FAQ as I complete them. Then there is a group of Newsgroup FAQs that are dedicated, one each, to the various Transformers newsgroups on Usenet. And, there's some Specialized FAQs about specific sub-topics like a particular line, or a certain type of toy.

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Steve-o's Transformers FAQ

This document addresses all aspects of the fandom and all incarnations of the Transformers franchise up to the date of its writing The FAQ is written and maintained by me, Steve-o (

The New FAQ

The FAQ is being posted in pieces as it gets written. It is a web-based document, not plain text. You can read it here:

The Old FAQ

Because this current FAQ is incomplete, you might want to read a finished, albeit very outdated version. The most "recent" complete edition of the FAQ is from January 1999. This was shortly before we learned the title "Beast Machines" for the followup to "Beast Wars". In other words, it is really, really out of date. Still, much of the factual information in it is still considered to be factual, so... here you go:

You can get the old FAQ in several formats. The simplest way to go, as always, is plain text. If you'd like something fancier, though, there is a version in HTML and even a Windows Helpfile which were painstakingly crafted by other fans.

Newsgroup FAQs

There are short FAQs (or FAQlike things) for each TF newsgroup. These FAQs do not answer story or toy questions, like "where does Prime's trailer go when he transforms?" or "why did the plastic on my Jetfire turn yellow?". That kind of stuff is found in the TF FAQ. These documents serve as guides to reading and posting in their specified newsgroups. Inside you may find such things as ng charters, posting policies, and codes of conduct.

It is strongly recommended that before you begin posting messages to a newsgroup you read the TF FAQ and the ng FAQ for the group you plan to participate in. This is just as important for the non-moderated ngs as it is for the moderated ones; only difference is that no one can officially spank you for breaking the rules in a non-mod group. ^_^

Other FAQs and FAQlets

There's a lot of Transformers information around besides the main FAQ and the Newsgroup FAQs. Here are all of the other TF-related FAQs and mini-FAQs that I am aware of. At least, the ones that come in small, self-contained documents. For other basic TF info, like toy lists and episode guides, check out my TF link list.

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