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Below is a selection of materials from my high school physics course. The reference sheets are condensed summaries of a few topics or ideas, good for cramming or having around while solving problems. Below that are worksheets and such for various units that I've taught at this level.

In general, the problems I write aren't anything special pedagogically. But, most of my early material is heavily influenced by Modeling Instruction, and the customized stuff written by Modelers I've worked with, Jason Cervenec in particular. I use some of the Modeling materials almost as-is, but I'm not distributing them -- they're intended only for teachers who have been through the Modeling training. So anyway -- outside of my reference pages, what I present below is mainly the stuff that I think is slightly unusual or interesting, mainly as a result of Modeling influence.

Various reference pages

Measurement and data analysis

Uniform motion

Accelerated motion

Momentum and force


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