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"J in MD"

i fell in love with my mechanic, i know, hilarious right? Well this is how it began ....he had been changing my oil for about 4 monthes when i ran into him at a store. I recognized him and asked him if he indeed worked there, he said yes....and after talking for a few moments he and I exchanged phone numbers.

He called me the next nite and we went christmas shopping becoming fast friends...he has a love for his ex though...and even though we have tried going out several times he always ends up dumping me in the most horrible way( I.E the laundrymat in front of 100 people with no ride home because we took his car) and he goes back to this time she left him and went to live with another man...and whose he run to to console his broken heart???Me!!! And i allow him too ask me advice meanwhile wishing i could just take his face in my hands and kiss his salty tears away.

Now here comes the predicament....He's living in my house as my roommate... so hes in the other room right now asleep and i am in here crying because i am to chicken to just tell him that i love him....golly!!!


Comments from Steve-o:

When I got around to responding to this reader's email, she gave me an update: she lent her AO some money, and hadn't seen him since. Ack! Sounds like, despite his good points, this guy has some issues. Hopefully J was able to get past this and move on. Don't let people walk over you!

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