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I first met my "AO" about nine years ago at an event, and was immediately struck by how beautiful he was. He also had a very attractive girlfriend, so I thought nothing more of it.

Over the years, we got to know each other better, ran into each other about once a month or so, and enjoyed each other's company.

About two & a half years ago, his girlfriend left him. She had been with him for seven years, and he was completely shattered. One night he called me about something random, and we wound up on the phone for hours. Over the course of the next few months, we became fairly close friends.

I went to visit him one weekend, and it led to more, physically. Before anything happened, he wanted to make sure that I was all right with being friends, and that it would not be more than that regardless of our physical relationship. I agreed to this, being fine with it at the time.

After a year and a half of being a constant companion and bedpartner, he's now found a girlfriend. He's been absolutely adamant that outside the bedroom, our relationship will not change, and I actually do believe him. However, when he first told me about her, I hung up the phone and dissolved into a complete mess. I don't know exactly when I fell in love with him, but I obviously did.

Now he still wants to be close to me, but already she has more of his attention than I ever did. And he's told me how great their sexual relationship is, etc. They decided (actually, *she* decided) to become monogamous after five dates, and that effectively removed me from his bed.

I realize that for most people, the thought of any kind of sexual relationship with the AO is bliss. But hearing that sex with you was just sex, and sex with her is "making love", is pretty much guaranteed to twist the knife deeply.

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